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We take great pride in sourcing and offering African items that are unique and otherwise difficult to find in the Rocky Mountain Region. We're thankful for all of our loyal customers who help us in our continued success and ability to support the community!
- Akente Express

A Brief History

Akente Express: How It All Started

In 1991, Harlem-native Ron Springer started Akente Express with just $800. On a trip home to New York he purchased some fabric, jewelry, incense oils, and other cute stuff. He then returned to Colorado and sold out all of his items within a couple of weeks. The next trip back he spent $3,200 and as they say—the rest is history. 

Over the next several months, Ron Springer cultivated relationships with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, the Denver Center Theatre Company, school systems, and cultural events such as Juneteenth, the Black Arts Festival, and the Black Ski Summit. By November 1991—he moved into the 919 Park Ave W shop that Akente Express still occupies to this day!

The first six years flew by and helped solidify Akente Express's position as the largest supplier of authentic Afro-centric products in the Rocky Mountain region. After that, business slowed down a bit and competition rose. But as an entrepreneur accustomed to the necessity of change, Ron didn't miss a beat. When mainstream stores (Pier 1, Sears, JCPenneys, etc.) and start-up businesses moved to Denver to capitalize on cultural goods—Ron switched his game, using his sources and suppliers to focus on high-quality personal hair and skin care products such as Shea Butters, Emu Oil, Hatian Black Castor Oil, and more. Since then he's even started his own Akente Express signature line with trademarked products like their 100% organic Whip Ash™ and Ultimate Hair Food™.

Today, Akente Express is owned and operated by Ron Haynes. Whats next? Ron Haynes is looking forward to maintaining the day to day operations of Akente Express while providing the best products for the Denver Metro Area community.

The most important thing though, he says, is keeping with the original tradition and community-focus Ron Springer started Akente Express with.

"It's part of Denver's cultural story and I think a lot of people see it as a beacon for the black community here. Making sure it stays in good hands and continues to support our customers is most important, in my mind," he says.

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